The Year of the Werewolf

It’s been a hell of a year. I don’t even wanna talk about the global situation, but even for us personally, we moved, re-established ourselves in an entirely new place, had a number of pet medical scares (the cat’ll be 18 this year, too!), sold my condo, bought a house, and moved again. It’s been great for us even as the stress of the rest of the world has ratcheted up. (And, to be clear, it’s been great for us in part because the cross-country move put us in a much more stable position to deal with everything else.)

One of the conclusions I’ve come to is that I’m increasingly unhappy contributing to the content economy of Twitter and Facebook. I’ve never been a consistent blogger, but I’m thinking I’m going to make use of this space a little more, possibly shift my cat pictures over to Instagram or something, and see how that goes. I just don’t really want to contribute to the success of companies who act directly against their users’ interests, and I have Thoughts about the way public social spaces behave when in the control of private business interests. I may even expound on those thoughts here at some point, like I’ve been meaning to for ages.

So I’m going to try to use this a little more like an old-school blog, where I record my various thoughts, goals, and accomplishments. If I make ten posts this year I’ll be proud of myself (I am not a good blogger) but it’s always been a useful mental exercise for me.

On that note, the first minor thing that I want to record is something that has been working fairly well this past couple of months – when I get up in the morning, I try to Do a Thing. Anything that’s on my to-do list, no matter how small – just a thing to push back against entropy. This morning I did two things! I retrieved the missing spring from the cheap curtain rod and installed it in one of the more random windows in the house, in preparation for getting actual curtains, and I applied thread and velcro to the cats’ window-shelf to keep the cover on more solidly.

So that’s a tiny bit of entropy defeated, and a good start to New Year’s Day. Hope all of you are doing as well!