The Alex and Devin Are Moving FAQ

Alex and Devin are moving! This is happening very suddenly, and we’ve decided to answer the obvious questions all in one place.

Where are you moving?

To a little apartment in Belchertown, MA, in the Pioneer Valley.

When are you moving?

Around the end of the year – we’re planning to be in MA as of approximately January 2, weather and logistics permitting.

Why are you moving?

For several reasons. One, where we’re living right now (in a Bay Area suburb) is VERY expensive. Due to a car accident last January, Alex’s back has been bad enough that she can’t work much, and we need to lower our cost of living. Also, the world has gotten alarming and we want to have more resources free to be a safety net not just for us but for other people – in our current situation, we can’t donate much money anywhere, and that needs to change.

The second reason is health insurance. Alex and Devin both have previously existing conditions – Devin’s arthritis medication is around $18,000 a dose. Currently, we have good health insurance, but if anything happens to Devin’s job, without the ACA, neither of us will be insurable. Massachusetts has said that if the ACA gets repealed, they’ll go back to their previously-existing state-level insurance exchange. We hope we won’t need it, but if we do, we’ll *really* need it.

The third reason is community. We’re not currently living in an area where most people are good at thinking about anything other than themselves and their pocketbooks. This isn’t the community we want to be a part of. We’re hoping we’ll find a much more congenial one in Massachusetts.

Why so fast?

Alex not currently working makes this a good time to disrupt our lives a whole bunch, and also a good time to reduce our expenses as soon as possible. Yes, moving is expensive, but we’re not putting away any cash on just Devin’s income where we are currently.

What about all the pets?

The elderly cat and aged dog (Dottie and Rhymer) are of course coming with us. The middle cat (Magpie) will be staying with Devin’s parents while we’re in the smallish apartment (and possibly forever, depending on how attached they get. They need a cat anyway.) We’ll be relying upon our youngest cat, Quill, as a mouser in the 150 year old building – murdering things is what he loves most, and he’s good at it!

But the PONY!!!

Magni will stay where he is for a little while, then we’ll board him at his breeder’s place in upstate New York, where he can run around a pasture with his relatives and be shaggy and happy. Alex currently can’t ride because of her back problems, but we both very much hope those will get resolved, and we’ll bring him the rest of the way.

(Skugga and Sol are Alex’s mom’s horses, and will remain with her, of course.)

Is this forever?

We don’t know yet. Alex is not looking forward to the cold; Devin already knows she dislikes it. Alex has lived in California all her life, and the northeast will be a big change. We’ve signed a year lease, so we’re giving it a solid shot, and then we’ll see.

I live near where you’re going and I want to hang out!

Great! We are looking forward to seeing all of our friends in the northeast. Drop us a line (Alex and Devin) and let’s make some plans!

I don’t live near where you’re going so I want to come visit you!

We would love that! We’re planning to bring the cot, and the comfy chair might be even nicer to sleep in. If that’s doable for you, let’s talk! We love seeing our people, but Devin is a rabid introvert and we’ll have to space visits out so she doesn’t eat anyone.