Changing Names

You may know me as something other than Devin Singer, and might be confused and unsettled by this change. Don’t worry! Here’s a little FAQ to explain things.

Q: Why Devin Singer?

A: It sounds nice and is a pretty color. Also I want to be known as the King of Cacti from now on.

Q. Why change it? “Jeremy Preacher” sounds epic.

A. It’s the Internet Handle that Ate My Life – it was never intended to be a pen name and it’s got two issues. One, “Jeremy” is unambiguously male. I don’t mind a bit of genderf*ck in my life, but I’m a cis (if butch) woman and it tended to confuse people. “Devin” is closer to neutral. Two, it sounds Christian, and I’m not. Not even in the “raised some flavor thereof but is now not religious” sort of way. I was raised Jewish, and my religious beliefs have never involved Christianity at all. So moving away from it made sense.

Q. What about your professional reputation?

Devin Singer is a pen name for fiction writing. New profession, new reputation! Besides, I’d be a pretty poor Online Community Manager if I couldn’t handle a wee name change, wouldn’t I?

Q. I know you as something else. Should I call you Devin now?

A. You are welcome to call me whatever you are accustomed to calling me, although you are also welcome to switch to “Devin” if, like certain other parties, you never liked “Jeremy” anyway.

Q. What does the “L” stand for?

A. I haven’t decided! I needed something that Gmail had available as an email address, and L was acceptable.